About Us

We know the importance of established trust.
Gary Scott Opticians has been providing high quality eyecare in Downpatrick since 1985. We offer eye care based on our traditional value of time for care and with the latest in technology at prices competitive with all national companies.

We Understand the importance of convenience.
A stress free experience is assured thanks to the Free easy car parking, friendly knowledgeable staff and comfortable waiting area

We aim to give our customers eyecare tailored to their needs.
Our comprehensive range of spectacles caters for all ages, lifestyles and budgets.

We realize glasses aren't the right choice for everyone.
Our goal is to give you the eyecare you need and often that's not a pair of glasses, that's why our service includes alternatives:

  • Free comfort trials for conventional soft contact lenses including toric, coloured, and bifocal lenses.
  • Orthokeratology the safe alternative to lazer surgery.
  • Assessment and referral for lazer eye surgery.